SFC6 API Descriptions

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The Jobs API

This powerful API allows an external system to manipulate the job schedule in ShopFloorConnect. In 

addition to being able to populate the entire schedule, the external system can also create individual 

jobs for specific machines, update existing scheduled jobs, delete jobs from the schedule, and move jobs 

from one machine to another.

Once the schedule has been populated, ShopFloorConnect uses recent historical production rate data

(including measured production rate for each job in each machine, as well as the specific changeover 

time from job-to-job in each machine) to very accurately calculate the date and time at which each job 

will be completed. The Jobs API then allows external systems to get this data and ensure that scheduled 

jobs will be complete before their promise dates.

In addition to sending information to SFC, the JOBS API provides the ability for external systems to 

retrieve job data from SFC including the status of pending jobs, detailed status about all completed jobs, 

and completed jobs by machine.

The ListItems API

ShopFloorConnect tracks jobs by any combination of Job Number, “Primary Item, and “Secondary Item”. 

The Primary Item identifies what is being produced by the machine. This could be a SKU number, part 

number, or other identifier. The optional Secondary Item can be affiliated to one or more Primary Items

and usually used to identify a specific mold or die that is used to produce the Primary Item. 

ShopFloorConnect uses the Primary and Secondary items to enable reporting and tracking by part or 

SKU number, to track cycles for maintenance on tools, dies, and molds, and a variety of other purposes.

The ListItems API allows an external system to create, update, maintain, and delete the part numbers, 

SKU numbers, and other identifiers. This API allows you to create a new part or SKU, assign it to a 

machine (or machines) and to create affiliations to Secondary Items.

The MachineRates API

ShopFloorConnect uses various Machine Rates to calculate Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) and 

to track job performance vs. the standard (a.k.a the quoted or expected) rate. SFC maintains lists of 

these rates by Primary Item and machine. The MachineRates API enables an external system to create

rates for new primary items, update existing rates, and delete the rates for parts that no longer exist.

The Events API

ShopFloorConnect’s Event Log is a time and date stamped list of every event that occurs at each 

machine. Events include job changes, operator changes, stoppages, and downtime reasons. 

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The Events API allows an external system to read the event log to track operators’ work hours and to 

look for specific events that may be used as triggers for other software functions

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